TOP 5 Best Mehndi Designs APPs to Learn

Mehndi is one the most important function of all the wedding ceremonies and in every caste and culture this tradition is followed since ages. The tradition of applying mehndi on hands and legs to give them a beautiful look has prevailed since times immemorial. Since many years, mehndi is not only applied at weddings but also other festivals. Women just need a reason to apply mehndi anytime. The art is so beautiful and is adaptable for all the occasions.

TOP Mehndi Designs Apps

TOP 5 Best Mehndi Designs APPs to Learn


New designs have merged with the old Indian designs exhibiting a domination of eye-catchy flowers and roses intertwined with leaflets and graceful swirls. Colored henna and black henna, are made with artificial colors especially for those who like to try new themes. They are plenty of options of designs we can choose from the applications that are available on the Google App Store. To list down a few are the best apps for learning how to apply mehndi.

1. Mehndi Designs (Offline)
2. Best Mehndi Designs
3. New Simple Mehndi Design
4. Mehndi Design henna 2018Kids
5. How to Draw Mehndi Designs

The above apps help you learn how to make mehndi designs from basic. Starting from circles, flowers, lines and then creating different designs. The traditional intricate designs are still a favourite among the brides and they start right from the arm on both sides of the hands and half way up the shin on both legs. The designs mainly consist of variations of paisleys combined with bold, dark flowers detailed with fine curves and arches that are elaborate enough to behold even a passing gaze, the final outcome is absolutely stunning.

These Mehndi Designs app contains new and very beautiful armlets mehndi designs, foot mehndi design, kids mehndi design, karva chauth vrat mehndi designs and hand designs. These apps have simple showing mehndi design images. You can get brilliant kids hand mehndi designs nice Ideas about indian Mehndi designs. You can set as mehndi wallpaper. Great Eid Mehndi designs are Simple and easy to download for free on Android.

Along with this, the other members of the family try Arabic mehndi which is the easiest and looks stunning too. It comprises of band of flowers paisleys made with thick borders and shaded on the inside. This is really artistic and appeals to those who prefer large showy designs. The empty space left around makes the design stand out gorgeously.

Once we are done with learning the shapes and designs on how to connect one design with another it becomes easy to create an innovative design ourselves. Most of designs have now been invented with glam and glitter. Those designs involve outlining the mehndi designs with a black cone filling with colorful glitter according to the bride’s outfit color. This versatile method is quick to do and lasts till the end of the event after which it can be washed off. So, those of you who dislike the aroma and fading out of the traditional henna, this is just for you!


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