How to Choose the Perfect Carpet Cleaner for Your Home

How to Choose the Perfect Carpet Cleaner for Your HomeDo you have dirty carpets at your home? Well, carpets can be a source of dust, contamination and might collect a lot of dirt within. When we speak of dirt, it could come from outside air, cooking fumes and everyday activities within the house. It not only makes the house look unclean but also has serious health effects. Thus, it is necessary to clean them regularly.

There are several options available to clean the carpet such as chemicals, machines etc. In case of heavy carpets, the machines can be rented too or at the most professional can be hired to do the deep cleaning. Professional cleaning can be an expensive affair and may not offer a regular solution.

To clean the carpets regularly, there are efficient machines available in the market, which can do a great job. A person though must be aware of how regular should the cleaning be. Over cleaning may ruin the fabric or the carpet and make it look dull instead of polished and neat. The dirt and dust on the carpet can either be on the surface or embedded deep inside the fibers. The surface cleaning can be easy but removing the embedded dirt can be tricky and may demand more than regular cleaning.

Types of cleaners:

With few members in the house, the carpet may not require regular or deep cleaning but in case there are pets at home or kids that play on the carpet then it should seriously be considered for cleaning. Also if there are stairways that are carpeted then it is likely to get dirt more than any other area. Thus, there are two types of cleaners, which could be considered for carpet cleaning at home:

1. Full-size Carpet Cleaners: Here the machines are not much bulky and can be handled easily. The carpets can be scrubbed with a solution and later they the machine vacuums all the dirt and dust within the Bissell Big Green Carpet Cleaner. They produce good results but are a little expensive. They might also take up much space at home.

2. Deep Carpet Cleaners: When it comes to deep cleaners, they are easily available in the market. There are two tanks in the machine, one for dispensing cleaning solution and other for collecting the dirt. There is a fixed brush that does all the cleaning.

3. Steam Carpet Cleaner: Steam cleaners can again be a very effective option for cleaning the carpets. Firstly, it is easier to dry the carpet, which is not possible in other cases. Time is a major factor here, as a carpet wash and dry needs much time. Secondly, they have the capability to destroy bacteria’s, mites or insects if any, which makes the carpet even cleaner. This is a great advantage, as it doesn’t invoke. any respiratory problems within the house. Carpets can be a home to a lot of unwanted bacteria and in the worst cases molds and mildews. They can cause serious health-related issues.

Here are a few tips that can help you choose the perfect carpet cleaner for your home:

  • Check for attachments: Attachments are very crucial as they let you clean the minutest of space.
  • Look for brushes: Most of the machines either have no brush or a fixed one. They both could deliver a good result. But a result is better if there is a moving brush attached. The scrubbing would be much better and shall give out great results.
  • The size of the tanks and hoses: A home may have multiple carpets in various spaces such as living room, dining room, bedrooms, thus, larger tanks are always preferable so that many carpets can be cleaned in one go. Else the cleaning solutions tank would demand refills at short intervals. It goes for hoses length, the bigger the length; the easier it is to clean.
  • Indicators: The cleaner must have indicators lights to ensure that the cleaning tank and dirt tanks are emptied when required.
  • Soap dispensers: An automatic soap dispenser would help to dispense the right amount of soap when require and will cut off the supply when the carpet is rinsed with fresh water. Thus, a clean carpet will lead to a healthy home.

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