Best 5 Must have Apps for Dog Lovers

Best 5 Must have Apps for Dog Lovers

Best 5 Must have Apps for Dog Lovers


A man’s best friend is a dog. It is an extension of the family and is also treated like a son. Taking care of them is not easy. The struggle can become easy if you download any apps to help you out. Training Golden Retriever or German Shepherd, all needs are available in the apps stored that helps the dog owner to lead their pup a happy life.

1. iClicker – Free Dog Training Clicker

Ask any dog trainer and they will suggest you about this amazing app which is free both on iOS and Android. This app helps with a fantastic and quick way to train your dogs. Training a Golden retriever or a pup from disobedient to much better can be done with the clicker patterns which have nearly 48 different noise box sounds. Doggy clicker is equivalent to this app.

2. DogVacay

It is the best app to download especially when you want to go on a vacation but thinking where would your dog stay. This app helps you with dog sitters who will send you updates whilst your away from them and also it is reasonable enough rather than paying for kennels.

3. MapMyDogwalk

This app helps to keep your dog healthy and fit as it tracks how long has the dog walked or exercised for like we also have an app for humans. It tracks the movement on GPS with speed, distance, and pace. It is freely available on iOS and Android. Training Golden Retriever was not easy but now he is fit with the help of this app.

4. Dog Training

A training app that advice on how to  train your dog. I have always used this app when I boughtmy dog home initially. It helped me Training Golden Retriever with popular training methods and tricks to common  problems.

5. 11Pets

It is a pet care app which helps to manage dog’s health. Initially, while my dog was  not keepin gwell this app helped me a lot to recover him from illness. We can keep a track on vaccinations,medical history like weight, temperature etc. This app is useful for other pets too.

6. Pet First Aid by Red Cross

Dogs always have some way of falling into trouble or situations they do not have to really. T hisf irst aid app helps as it has detailed instructions to give you preliminary care and first aid toyour dog until you reach to the vet. Preventive care tools and medication is given in the app enough so that you can take care of your dog.

7. Paw Tracks

One necessary app which gives you an update on your pet from tracking meals to bathroomruns and w alks. If you have more than one pet this is very helpful. It makes it easy allowing you to log in and check on every pet you have at home even when you hit illness.

8. BarkCam

Let’s end with a fun app! BarkCam, the name itself suggests that is an app similar to Instagram which allows making your dog a star by clicking and posting pictures. I always have this app on my phone to click cute pictures while Training Golden Retriever, my super cute dog and post it to make him a star.

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