100+ Good Morning Motivational Quotes

Good Morning Motivational Quotes : Hello , Friends After Good Morning Message And Good Night Wishes Collection Share With you . Now Currently I Have Share A New Collection Of Good Morning Motivational Quotes.I Hope You Like This Collection.

Motivational good morning quotes

Good Morning Motivation Quotes


  • Wake Up, Wake Up! It’S A Brand New Day! Rise And Shine, And Be On Your Way!
  • Good Morning! May God Almighty Bless You With A Day Full Of Joy And Happiness.
  • Be Pleasant Until Ten O’Clock In The Morning And The Rest Of The Day Will Take Care Of Itself.
  • Think About The Dreams You Had Last Night To Make Your Lazy Morning A Beautiful One. Good Morning.
  • This Is Not Just Another Day, This Is Yet Another Chance To Make Your Dreams Come True. Good Morning.
  • You Are The Beautiful Song Of My Life! I Wish To Be Your Music! Have A Nice Day! Happy Morning My Dear!
  • This Morning Will Never Ever Come Back In Your Life Again. Get Up And Make The Most Of It. Good Morning.
  • Good Morning. To Have A Successful Day, You Must First Have Good Thoughts That Are Followed By Good Deeds.
  • I Would Give You Loads Of Hugs And Kisses But I Guess This Message Has To Suffice. Have A Wonderful Start.
  • I Used To Love Night Best, But The Older I Get, The More Treasures And Hope And Joy I Find In All Mornings.
  • It Is Good To Dream Big But Your Dreams Will Never See The Light Of Day If You Sleep Big Too. Good Morning.
  • Don’T Think That Someone Else Is More Blessed Than You Are It’S Just That We Are Blessed In Different Ways.
  • It’S A Brand New Morning! The Day Is A Blank Canvas Yet To Be Painted With The Colors Of Life. Seize The Day!
  • Even Though It Takes A Heartbeat To Think About You, The Smile That Follows Lasts The Entire Day. Good Morning!
  • Success Comes To Those Who Have The Will Power To Win Over Their Snooze Buttons. Wishing You An Awesome Morning.
  • The Biggest Sources Of Motivation Are Your Own Thoughts, So Think Big And Motivate Yourself To Win. Good Morning.
  • Good Morning My Love. Here Is My Morning Tip: You Need No Make Up. You Will Be Messing With Perfection. Love You!
  • No One In The World Is Rich Enough To Buy The Past, So Enjoy Today And Take Advantage Of The Fresh Start. Good Morning!
  • Sometimes Getting Up In The Morning Is Tough. It Helps To Start The Day With A Cup Of Go-Juice And A Smile. Good Morning.
  • Opportunities Will Knock On Your Door Every Morning. But If You Keep Sleeping They Will Simply Pass You By. Good Morning.
  • Yesterday Is Miles Away, And Today Is A New Today. With New Goals To Meet, Let’S Rise Up And Jump To Our Feet. Good Morning!
  • The Sun Is About To Rise, The Coffee Pot Is On. Before You Run Though The To-Dos Of The Day Take A Moment To Enjoy The Dawn.
  • The Morning Is The Best Part Of The Day. The Body Is Rested, The Brain Is Fresh, And The Possibilities Of The Day Are Endless.
  • Every New Sunrise Gives Me A New Chance To Love You More! Good Morning, Darling. Hope You Have An Amazing And Stress-Free Day!
  • My Dear, I Hope You Have A Wonderful Day Today, I Hope The Sky Is As Blue As Your Eyes, And The Sun Is As Bright As Your Smile!
  • People May Say The Story Of The Future Remains To Be Told. May You Realize This Morning That You Can Choose To Be The Storyteller.
  • Rather Than Groan About Which Day Of The Week It Is Remember This: Every Day Is A Blessing And Every Morning Is Good. Good Morning!
  • If You Don’T Wake Up Right Now With Your Full Might, You Will Never Be Able To Achieve That Dream You Saw Last Night. Good Morning.
  • If You Wake Up And It’S Not Sunny Outside With Clear, Blue Skies Remember This: You Can Still Create Your Own Sunny Lookout On Life.
  • I Wished You A Lovely Night Rest And Now I Am Wishing You A Better Morning. You Are The Best And Will Always Be. Keep Shining My Lady!
  • This Is Not Just A Greeting. It Signifies A Hope That The Beautiful Morning Will Bring A Smile On Your Face And Happiness In Your Life.
  • Rather Than Rush Out The Door, Stop And Appreciate The Little Things; The Little Things Can Make A Big Impact And Lead To An Amazing Day!
  • You Can Sleep A Little Longer And Face Failure… Or You Can Wake Up Right Away To Chase Success. The Choice Is Entirely Yours. Good Morning.
  • Good Morning Baby. I Just Want You To Know That The Love I Have For You Is As Strong As The Brightest Sun And Will Always Shine Like It Too.
  • Waking Up Is My Favorite And Most Hated Part Of The Day. I Can Talk To You When I Am Awake, But My Dreams With You At Night Are Always Cut Short.
  • Just Like Athletes Need A Pep Talk Before The Game, Some Of Us Need A Morning Pep Talk Before The Day. Then It’S Time To Gear Up And Tackle The Day!


Best Sad Shayari In Hindi

Best Sad Shayari In Hindi : Hello Friends ! Today We are going to Share TOP Collection of Sad Shayari in Hindi with You. We are Regularly updating this Collection of Best Sad Shayari in Hindi. You can also Share this Collection on Whatsapp or Facebook.

sad shayari in hindi

Sad Shayari In Hindi


Na chaaha tha kabhee kuchh,
aap chaahane se pahale,
aap mil gae hain,
khavaishen pooree ho gaee!

***** Hindi Sad Shayari *****


दर्द हैं दिल में पर इसका ऐहसास नहीं होता,
रोता हैं दिल जब वो पास नहीं होता,
बरबाद हो गए हम उनकी मोहब्बत में,
और वो कहते हैं कि इस तरह प्यार नहीं होता!

***** Sad Shayari In Hindi *****


Geele kagaz ki tarah hai zindagi hamari,
Koi likhta bhi nahi koi jalata bhi nahi,
Is kadar akele ho gaye hai hum aajkal,
Koi satata bhi nahi koi manata bhi nahi.

***** Hindi Sad Shayari *****


तुम लाख दुआ कर लो मुझसे दूर जाने की ..
मेरी दुआ भी उसी खुदा से है तुझे मेरे करीब लाने की.

***** Sad Shayari In Hindi *****


Mera mukadar mera nasib ho aap,
Is Jaan se bhi jyada Aziz ho aap,
Chahe kitne bhi fasle
ho hamare bich,
Par dil se bhi zyada karib ho aap.

***** Hindi Sad Shayari *****


मुस्कुराने की अब वजह याद नहीं रहती,
पाला है बड़े नाज़ से… मेरे गमों ने मुझे !

***** Sad Shayari In Hindi *****


Na jaane tum pe itna yakin kyon hai,
Tera khayal bhi itna haseen kyon hai,
Suna hai Pyar ka dard meetha hota hai,
To aankh se nikla ye aansu namkeen kyun hai?

***** Hindi Sad Shayari *****


अब मेरा हाल चाल नहीं पूछते हो तो क्या हुआ,
कल एक एक से पूछोगे की उसे हुआ क्या था.

***** Sad Shayari In Hindi *****


Chale gaye door kuch pal ke liye,
Door rehkar bhi kareeb ho harpal ke liye,
Kaise yaad na aaye ek pal ke liye,
Jab dil mai ho aap har pal ke liye.

***** Hindi Sad Shayari *****


मुझसे नफरत करके भी खुश ना रह पाओगे,
मुझसे दूर जाकर भी पास ही पाओगे ,
प्यार में दिमाग पर नहीं दिल पर ऐतबार करके देखिये ,
अपने आप को रोम – रोम में बसा पाएँगे।

***** Sad Shayari In Hindi *****


Har pal me pyaar hai,
har lamhe mai Khushi hai,
“Kho” do to “Yaadein” hain,
“Jee” lo to “Zindagi” hai.

***** Hindi Sad Shayari *****


किसको निभा ना सकू मैं ऐसा वादा नहीं करता
में बातें अपनी औकात से जायदा नहीं करता

***** Sad Shayari In Hindi *****


Rone Se Kisi Ko Paya Nahi Jata,
Khone Se Kisi Ko Bhulaya Nahi Jata,
Waqt Sabko Milta Hai Zindagi Badalane Ke Liye,
Par Zindagi Nahi Milti Waqt Badalne Ke Liye.

***** Hindi Sad Shayari *****


निभाया वादा हमने शिकवा ना किया
दर्द सहे मगर तुझे रुशवा ना किया
जल गया नशेमन मेरा ख़ाक अरमां हुए
सब तूने किया मगर मैंने कर्चा ना किया

***** Sad Shayari In Hindi *****

दुनिया की भीड़ में तुझे याद कर सकूँ कुछ पल ,
अजनबी राहों की तरफ कदम मोड़ता हूँ

***** Hindi Sad Shayari *****


Zuda Hokar Bhi Dono JI Rhe Hai Muddat Se
Kabhi Dono Hi Kahte THe Aesa Ho Nhi Sakta

***** Sad Shayari In Hindi *****


तेरी मुश्कान तारे लहेज़ा तेरे मासूम से अलफ़ाज़
किया कहू बस बहुत याद आते हो तुम

***** Hindi Sad Shayari *****


Tera Sath Shayad Mere Nasheb Me Likhi Hi Na Thi
Chor Diya Tujhe Yad Karna Bhi Khud Ko Bewafa Smajh Ke

***** Sad Shayari In Hindi *****


नहीं फुरसत यकीन जनों हमें कुव्ह और करने की
तेरी बातें तेरी यादें बहुत मफ्स्रूफ़ रखती है

***** Hindi Sad Shayari *****


Mujhe Zindagi Ki Duaa Na De Meri Zindagi Se Bani Nhi
Koy Zindagi Pe Kare Yqeen Mujhe Zindagi Pe Yqeen Nhi

***** Sad Shayari In Hindi *****


होंठो ने मुस्कुराने से मना कर दिया..
आंसुओं ने बह जाने से मना कर दिया..
एक बार जो दिल टूटा प्यार में..
फिर इस दिल ने दिल लगाने
से मना कर दिया..

***** Hindi Sad Shayari *****


Mujhe Ehsas Mayne Rakhta Hai
Rishte Ka Naam Tum Rakhlo

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TOP 5 Best Mehndi Designs APPs to Learn

Mehndi is one the most important function of all the wedding ceremonies and in every caste and culture this tradition is followed since ages. The tradition of applying mehndi on hands and legs to give them a beautiful look has prevailed since times immemorial. Since many years, mehndi is not only applied at weddings but also other festivals. Women just need a reason to apply mehndi anytime. The art is so beautiful and is adaptable for all the occasions.

TOP Mehndi Designs Apps

TOP 5 Best Mehndi Designs APPs to Learn


New designs have merged with the old Indian designs exhibiting a domination of eye-catchy flowers and roses intertwined with leaflets and graceful swirls. Colored henna and black henna, are made with artificial colors especially for those who like to try new themes. They are plenty of options of designs we can choose from the applications that are available on the Google App Store. To list down a few are the best apps for learning how to apply mehndi.

1. Mehndi Designs (Offline)
2. Best Mehndi Designs
3. New Simple Mehndi Design
4. Mehndi Design henna 2018Kids
5. How to Draw Mehndi Designs

The above apps help you learn how to make mehndi designs from basic. Starting from circles, flowers, lines and then creating different designs. The traditional intricate designs are still a favourite among the brides and they start right from the arm on both sides of the hands and half way up the shin on both legs. The designs mainly consist of variations of paisleys combined with bold, dark flowers detailed with fine curves and arches that are elaborate enough to behold even a passing gaze, the final outcome is absolutely stunning.

These Mehndi Designs app contains new and very beautiful armlets mehndi designs, foot mehndi design, kids mehndi design, karva chauth vrat mehndi designs and hand designs. These apps have simple showing mehndi design images. You can get brilliant kids hand mehndi designs nice Ideas about indian Mehndi designs. You can set as mehndi wallpaper. Great Eid Mehndi designs are Simple and easy to download for free on Android.

Along with this, the other members of the family try Arabic mehndi which is the easiest and looks stunning too. It comprises of band of flowers paisleys made with thick borders and shaded on the inside. This is really artistic and appeals to those who prefer large showy designs. The empty space left around makes the design stand out gorgeously.

Once we are done with learning the shapes and designs on how to connect one design with another it becomes easy to create an innovative design ourselves. Most of designs have now been invented with glam and glitter. Those designs involve outlining the mehndi designs with a black cone filling with colorful glitter according to the bride’s outfit color. This versatile method is quick to do and lasts till the end of the event after which it can be washed off. So, those of you who dislike the aroma and fading out of the traditional henna, this is just for you!


Read More – Best Whatsapp Status Apps

Best 5 Whatsapp Status Quotes Apps for Everyone

It was just eight years ago, in February 2009, when Whatsapp was in social media. The original idea behind the Whatsapp invention was to let friends and family know what you’re up to. Whatsapp status was added to see what people are doing or feeling like. Firstly, they had introduced only basic features or status like Available, Busy, In Movies, Can’t talk, Whatsapp only, At the Gym, etc. These were some of the few status added initially. Later they upgraded to the version of updating status by yourself, where you can write what you feel in few characteristics. The “Text only” feature is something new these days. We are sharing it on Artisto App Download.

Best Whatsapp Status Apps

Best 5 Whatsapp Status Quotes Apps for Everyone

To help users, Google Play has many applications introduced to find new status and quotes to update as their status. Whatsapp status can make an eye popping display if adorned with a grand sense of humor. Humorous status updates or jovial ones simple rock the profile. These updates can focus on jokes and humors related to your daily life, household chores and workplace. You can even mention a joke on a person without disclosing the name and share the fun with everyone. Light jokes and humors are not only appreciated but people find pleasure in reading them and get all perky. The brilliance of Whatsapp status updates depend upon the user’s perception. You can share love quotes and inspiration messages on your status. It only makes you feel upright but on reading such motivational updates your friends will also strive hard to materialize their dreams. Since Whatsapp is being used by most of the population status can make a strong impact on everyone reading it.

Thoughts and state of mood can be best conveyed via Whatsapp status you can simply upload a status expressing your glee, sadness, annoyance or excitement and let people know whether you are in a welcoming or an irritated mood. You can also update quotes related to emotions and let your friends know about how you feel with their actions. It is an amazing way of acknowledging people after warm gestures by expressing thankfulness in status. Such emotions when expressed in the form of motivational or love quotes play wonders in getting all your friends close.


There are few top listed applications for Whatsapp status and quotes-
1. Latest status 2018
2. Best Quotes and Status
3. Status Downloader for Whatsapp
4. Best Whatsapp Status Quotes
5. Status & Quotes

All the above applications can be downloaded by an Android user and used effectively. Many have also recommended in the reviews asking their friends to download the app and use the quotes and status. Below are few of the common used status –

Best 5 Whatsapp Status Quotes Apps for Everyone

 If you love someone set them free. If they come back, set them on fire
 Beauty Fades After Time, But Personality Is Forever!
 I’m shy at first, but once I’m comfortable with you get ready for some crazy shit
  Sometimes you succeed…. and other times you learn.
 I am single because God is busy writing the best love story for me

Best 5 Must have Apps for Dog Lovers

Best 5 Must have Apps for Dog Lovers

Best 5 Must have Apps for Dog Lovers


A man’s best friend is a dog. It is an extension of the family and is also treated like a son. Taking care of them is not easy. The struggle can become easy if you download any apps to help you out. Training Golden Retriever or German Shepherd, all needs are available in the apps stored that helps the dog owner to lead their pup a happy life.

1. iClicker – Free Dog Training Clicker

Ask any dog trainer and they will suggest you about this amazing app which is free both on iOS and Android. This app helps with a fantastic and quick way to train your dogs. Training a Golden retriever or a pup from disobedient to much better can be done with the clicker patterns which have nearly 48 different noise box sounds. Doggy clicker is equivalent to this app.

2. DogVacay

It is the best app to download especially when you want to go on a vacation but thinking where would your dog stay. This app helps you with dog sitters who will send you updates whilst your away from them and also it is reasonable enough rather than paying for kennels.

3. MapMyDogwalk

This app helps to keep your dog healthy and fit as it tracks how long has the dog walked or exercised for like we also have an app for humans. It tracks the movement on GPS with speed, distance, and pace. It is freely available on iOS and Android. Training Golden Retriever was not easy but now he is fit with the help of this app.

4. Dog Training

A training app that advice on how to  train your dog. I have always used this app when I boughtmy dog home initially. It helped me Training Golden Retriever with popular training methods and tricks to common  problems.

5. 11Pets

It is a pet care app which helps to manage dog’s health. Initially, while my dog was  not keepin gwell this app helped me a lot to recover him from illness. We can keep a track on vaccinations,medical history like weight, temperature etc. This app is useful for other pets too.

6. Pet First Aid by Red Cross

Dogs always have some way of falling into trouble or situations they do not have to really. T hisf irst aid app helps as it has detailed instructions to give you preliminary care and first aid toyour dog until you reach to the vet. Preventive care tools and medication is given in the app enough so that you can take care of your dog.

7. Paw Tracks

One necessary app which gives you an update on your pet from tracking meals to bathroomruns and w alks. If you have more than one pet this is very helpful. It makes it easy allowing you to log in and check on every pet you have at home even when you hit illness.

8. BarkCam

Let’s end with a fun app! BarkCam, the name itself suggests that is an app similar to Instagram which allows making your dog a star by clicking and posting pictures. I always have this app on my phone to click cute pictures while Training Golden Retriever, my super cute dog and post it to make him a star.

Top Best Beard Styles that Fit your Face

Top Best Beard Styles that Fit your FaceA blossom is something that may make a huge difference to any person of substance and style. Grooming your blossom is a artwork. Without selecting a style on your own, whether you wish a beard, or flaunt it as a way to fulfill your urge you can’t go. Though a few of those so called “Top Beard Styles” have become a mere eight days wonder, a number of them have stood the lengthy term test of time. So here I’m going to suggest you a few of the designs which could make a radical improvement. It isn’t important when you’re shaving for decades, or if you’re a newcomer to the area of shaving.

The expression five o’clock shadow itself refers late in the day, on guys who have shaved their faces. This style can be preserved with a excellent beard trimmer. You can never go wrong with this look should you wish to add definition to your face in case you’ve got a bone structure.

This, chin mustache and beard are combined along the surfaces of the mouth area. The design, also called “door knocker,” is ideal for young guys with round faces. But, an ring blossom may be huge fashion pa and the blossom should be trimmed by men with circle beard .

Theoretically, hair growth is suggested by the goatee only. These days, we frequently refer to this Van Dyck. Van Dyck is there is that a moustache worn connected. This is sometimes a fashion statement for guys with rounder faces. Men with finer, lighter-colored hair might not find it simple to come up with a well-defined goatee.

It can be known as a variant of this goatee . Here the blossom and the mustache don’t stay connected.

The Total Beard

This conventional design is excellent for a wearer using jaw line that is weak.

Would you wish to sport some fashionable stubble that is heavy? Go for scruff that is manicured. Fantastic alternative for those baldies, this blossom design is simple to “create” too. Grow your beard and clean shave your neck. This design provides a feeling the wearer is a light hearted, easy going person thoroughly dressed.

This pertains to a sans the sideburns. It expands styles to a stage and over jaw line. You may even combine the blossom design using a “pen” moustache. A small variation from the entire blossom, “French Fork” identifies the design that extends the chin off. At the center, it divides into two pieces that are distinct. It is to put it simply. The cheek isn’t, although the chin stays uncovered. It’s a kind of design with no moustache to accompany. The sideburns grow down to pay the chin.

Before you attempt any design, a few variables should be considered by you. You should remember that every face has its own concerns, for example, jaw line, size of mouth and nose. Even then there are a couple of guidelines on picking out the ideal (or near perfect) design of whiskers to the facial features. Will you prefer to get a look?

  • Should You’ve Round Face …

… Then, try to create your whiskers longer in the jaw area. However sideburns are a big NO NO for you and obviously attempt to keep the short’s faces. Rather than a beard, attempt Goatee.

  • For People with A Long Face

In contrast to the guys, a individual with face ought to have a blossom that’s skinnier in the sides although shorter in the chin.

  • For Your Square Faced Man

You need to keep your whiskers more and shorter in the sides . Like the round faced individuals, a Goatee will force you to look different.

  • For People Having Larger Faces

There’s one idea for you. Keep the fuller and maintain the mustache bigger.

  • The Little Face


Congratulations! You don’t need to comply with any rule that is particular to form your whiskers. For anything grabs your fancy, go!

This debate on Best Beard Styles can allow you to guide to tend your whiskers. Before bidding adieu to you, I’d love to leave you a part of proposal that is friendly. If you styled your blossom before, or have not increased, do not be afraid to try it. A guts to try what you haven’t ever done can make a difference. Go ahead, try out a design, and look your finest.

Where to buy best foosball table?

Foosball, also known as table soccer is a popular indoor game of 1970’s. The game lost its popularity with video games in the market, followed by latest generation’s Xbox. But there are a lot of teenagers who prefer playing foosball even today. These tables can now be found in game parlors, bars, and pubs. Since it’s a famous game among the new generation, the tables can be spotted at schools, bowling alleys, and arcades. Though preferences have changed, not much crowd can be pulled to a best foosball table, there a still people who enjoy this game.

Where to buy best foosball table?

Best Brand for a Foosball Table

It is better to be informed of the features of a foosball table before buying one, as it demands a great investment. When we look for cheaper options, there is a sharp change in features, which does not give you an overwhelming experience of playing foosball. The surface might be a little uneven and the rods can be heavy to move, thus making the game slow. When it comes to the handles of the rods, they might not give a grip and act slippery. Therefore it is important to know about the best brands and manufacturers that sell a
foosball table before making a purchase.

Here is a list of some of the best foosball manufactures available in the market.

1. American heritage

American heritage is one of the best manufacturers of the foosball table. The company started manufacturing late back in 1987 and became popular because of the quality of work they provide. The company used precision machinery along with the best quality wood. Their craftsmanship is exceptional and they deliver every single product with perfection. American heritage makes six different models for foosball i.e. element, Seville, Atlantis, tourney, Carlyle, and shadow. Among the six wooden crafted models, Element and Seville are the most popular ones as they have a rustic appearance but modern in their design. The tourney, on the other hand, is common design like other best foosball tables brands.

2. Barron games

Barron games is a very a popular in the gaming industry. The company began its work in 2007 and is known is for its high-quality products and bringing innovation in gaming. Barron games are one of the leading manufacturers of the foosball table. The company manufactures two foosball table models i.e. World tour coin op and Kenti pro.

3. Carrom

Carrom is a game manufacturing company based in Michigan, which has been established for over a hundred years. Carrom though manufactures many other sports such as basketball, bubble hockey, air hockey etc but is known specifically for its entertaining foosball tables. The foosball tables are more like family tables that are not only meant for gaming but also for fun. Their big motto says” Quality family games” Carrom crafts five foosball table models i.e. Harley Davidson, NASCAR, signature, Burr Oak, and Agean. Before Buying Any Table Please Check Best Foosball Tables Review.

4. DMI sports

DMI sports are popular for manufacturing indoor games. One of the many games is foosball. They are adaptable and are capable of meeting a client’s requirement. They have experts that can handcraft the foosball table efficiently with their expertise. They have been the pioneers in the market for quite some time now and are known for their products not only in the domestic but international market. DMI sports manufactures five models for a foosball table i.e. FT500GF, FT720S, FT250DS, FT200, and Simpsons.

Also Check – 10 Reason Why Foosball is Awesome

5. Easton

Easton is one of the top-notch manufacturers of sports. The company is based in California and is known for designing and marketing their foosball tables. The company makes the table that captures the market for low to mid- level buyers. It is good for placing it at home or a game parlor but when it comes to advanced foosball matches then there are better options available in the market. The budget for an Easton foosball table is around 250$. Their tables are sturdy with a black surface. On top the surface there are fields marked in red and white. Foosball table legs are thick with inset cup holders. The foosball team is painted red and black while each time there is a score, it can be beaded manually. The Easton foosball table is a good option for beginners.

How to Choose the Perfect Carpet Cleaner for Your Home

How to Choose the Perfect Carpet Cleaner for Your HomeDo you have dirty carpets at your home? Well, carpets can be a source of dust, contamination and might collect a lot of dirt within. When we speak of dirt, it could come from outside air, cooking fumes and everyday activities within the house. It not only makes the house look unclean but also has serious health effects. Thus, it is necessary to clean them regularly.

There are several options available to clean the carpet such as chemicals, machines etc. In case of heavy carpets, the machines can be rented too or at the most professional can be hired to do the deep cleaning. Professional cleaning can be an expensive affair and may not offer a regular solution.

To clean the carpets regularly, there are efficient machines available in the market, which can do a great job. A person though must be aware of how regular should the cleaning be. Over cleaning may ruin the fabric or the carpet and make it look dull instead of polished and neat. The dirt and dust on the carpet can either be on the surface or embedded deep inside the fibers. The surface cleaning can be easy but removing the embedded dirt can be tricky and may demand more than regular cleaning.

Types of cleaners:

With few members in the house, the carpet may not require regular or deep cleaning but in case there are pets at home or kids that play on the carpet then it should seriously be considered for cleaning. Also if there are stairways that are carpeted then it is likely to get dirt more than any other area. Thus, there are two types of cleaners, which could be considered for carpet cleaning at home:

1. Full-size Carpet Cleaners: Here the machines are not much bulky and can be handled easily. The carpets can be scrubbed with a solution and later they the machine vacuums all the dirt and dust within the Bissell Big Green Carpet Cleaner. They produce good results but are a little expensive. They might also take up much space at home.

2. Deep Carpet Cleaners: When it comes to deep cleaners, they are easily available in the market. There are two tanks in the machine, one for dispensing cleaning solution and other for collecting the dirt. There is a fixed brush that does all the cleaning.

3. Steam Carpet Cleaner: Steam cleaners can again be a very effective option for cleaning the carpets. Firstly, it is easier to dry the carpet, which is not possible in other cases. Time is a major factor here, as a carpet wash and dry needs much time. Secondly, they have the capability to destroy bacteria’s, mites or insects if any, which makes the carpet even cleaner. This is a great advantage, as it doesn’t invoke. any respiratory problems within the house. Carpets can be a home to a lot of unwanted bacteria and in the worst cases molds and mildews. They can cause serious health-related issues.

Here are a few tips that can help you choose the perfect carpet cleaner for your home:

  • Check for attachments: Attachments are very crucial as they let you clean the minutest of space.
  • Look for brushes: Most of the machines either have no brush or a fixed one. They both could deliver a good result. But a result is better if there is a moving brush attached. The scrubbing would be much better and shall give out great results.
  • The size of the tanks and hoses: A home may have multiple carpets in various spaces such as living room, dining room, bedrooms, thus, larger tanks are always preferable so that many carpets can be cleaned in one go. Else the cleaning solutions tank would demand refills at short intervals. It goes for hoses length, the bigger the length; the easier it is to clean.
  • Indicators: The cleaner must have indicators lights to ensure that the cleaning tank and dirt tanks are emptied when required.
  • Soap dispensers: An automatic soap dispenser would help to dispense the right amount of soap when require and will cut off the supply when the carpet is rinsed with fresh water. Thus, a clean carpet will lead to a healthy home.

Artisto App Download APK for Android, iPhone & PC

This is an article on Artisto App where you will about APK for android, iPhone & PC Download App for our readers to understand about the App more. This is a trending and buzz creator that has astonishing features that we will discuss later in the article. We will start with What is Artisto App.

Artisto App is a media editor app that helps its users to edit photos and short video clips to form artistic pictures from them. The artistic editing is inspired by cartoonization of the image and creating a digital painting of it. The utmost uniqueness of the editor is its application for video clips.

If you wish to get this great app on your Android, iPhone or PCs then follow this article know more about its download and installation procedures.

Artisto APK Download for Android

In this section of the article, we will brief our readers with the steps to download the Artisto App on their Android devices. We are starting with Android users for a reason. The thing is that, ever since Android OS launch, people review the Android OS as the most flexible of all. This is true as Android platform is most flexible compared to any others in the smartphone market.

There are several to many apps in the Android market for photo editing. In the competition stands out the Artisto App which is a newly launched app for editing images and video clips. The most amazing and unique feature of the app is that it can edit videos by applying filters in it.

Remember that there is one system requirement for running the Artisto App on your Android device. The Android device should be Android 4.2 version or higher. Make sure your device has some free space to avoid gallery and app function lags. We will not keep our Android user readers waiting and now we will quickly get down to the download links and steps.

Follow these steps to successfully download and install the APK file for Artisto:

  • First and foremost step is to configure the Android device for allowing installation of apps from outside or external sources.
  • To do this, On your Android device, go to “Settings” option.
  • Then move to “Application settings” and look for the option “Unknown sources”
  • Here you will see a checkbox that you have to tick mark.
  • If there is a tick mark in the checkbox from before, then proceed without making changes.
  • Now, exit the settings menu and click on this link below for the Artisto App APK file download:

Download Artisto App APK for Android

  • The version is Artisto 1.7.3 and the file size is about 24.17MB.
  • Allow the download to complete and then select “finish” at the end.
  • Locate the APK file and run its setup.
  • The description page will pop up and then you will select the “Install” option.
  • Wait till the installation is complete.
  • After successful installation, select “finish” or “open” as per your preference.

So, in order to download and install the Artisto APK file successfully, readers should follow all the steps as they are mentioned here. Though there sometimes remain errors due to which the system cannot run the APK file manually. For this situation, Android users will have to choose an alternative method as discussed in the next section.

Artisto for Android

Artisto App Download – Using Google Play Store

Sometimes, when users try to manually download and install apps from external sources, the system fails to identify the APK source and hence errors appear. You may have seen the errors like “Parse error” or “Error parsing the package” when installing APK files at times. Similarly, for Artisto App, you may face the same due to unknown reasons.

The solution to this problem is to download the APK file and install directly using the Google Play Store. Yess! The Artisto App Download is available from the Google Play Store for all Android device users. We will guide our readers through the process in this section of the article.

Initially, to use the services of the Google Play Store, the users must have Google account to link with the Play Store. this is a mandatory step and here are the steps to follow for it:

  • When the users launch the Google Play Store app on their Android devices, they will have to provide their Gmail account credentials.
  • If the user does not have one, then he/she will have to create one.
  • Select the appropriate options and provide a username and password for the procedure.
  • Finally, verify the account and link it with Google Play Store.

After all this, we will now move to the download procedure using Google Play Store. Here are the steps for the actual download procedures:

  • Open the Google Play Store app on your Android device.
  • On the search menu, type “Artisto App” and hit the search icon.
  • You will see several search results on the screen and you will look for the version with highest ratings.
  • To help our readers here is the exact app that you will select from the search results. Just follow the link given below:

Download Artisto App from Google Play Store

  • Click the “Install” option on the screen when the page loads.
  • You will have to allow the permission for Google Play Store to download and install when the message pops up next.
  • On authentication, the download and installation will initiate.
  • Wait for the App to download and install automatically on your Android device.
  • Finally, at the end of the process, select “open” or “finish” as per your preference.

So, now you have two methods to download and install the Artisto App on your Android devices. Try either of them, although the Google Play Store method is preferable to avoid problems. In the next section of the article, we are going to explain about the Artisto App Download for PCs.

Artisto for PC Windows

Artisto Download for PC Windows & Mac

The Artisto App is such a wonderful app but still, users have found that its use is affected by the system RAM. Also, the battery and storage factors are not keeping up with the App’s performance requirements. So, to enhance the editing effect, people opt to use the Artisto App download on their PCs.

We have listed down the steps for our readers to follow and download their Artisto App on their PC devices. The process is easy but only takes some time initially. Unfortunately, there is no .exe file of the Artisto App download in the market as of now. And so, to run the Artisto App APK file we require an Android emulator.

An Android emulator is an application that works on the PC and it runs the APK files. The emulator runs Android app APK files and installs them on its database to run the apps on the PCs. There are several Android emulators in the market available for free.

If you have an Android emulator on your device then great, but if you do not have one then follow our link to download the Bluestacks Application as the recommended emulator. Click on this link below to download it on your PC device.

Download Bluestacks for PC

The file size is about 50 MB so please be patient while it is downloading. Then run the file setup and initiate installation. After installing the Bluestacks application on your PC, launch it. From here starts the procedure to download and install the Artisto App on your PCs. Here are the steps:

  • You will be asked to link your Gmail account credentials in the Bluestacks app just like in the Google Play Store.
  • Provide the necessary details and allow the sync to take place.
  • The Bluestacks app will load its home screen and on the search bar, you will type “Artisto App”
  • The search results will display in a similar manner like from the App store and you will click on the correct version.
  • Select “install” on the screen and allow the permission through your Google account.
  • The installation process will take place and you’ll have to wait for it to complete.
  • After successful installation of the Artisto App, select “complete” option.
  • Exit the search result and go to “All Apps” under the Bluestacks menu.

You will find the Artisto App icon in this section of the Bluestacks app. Whenever any user wants to access the Artisto app, he/she will have to launch it through the Bluestacks application. this is the simplest and clearest method to download and install the Artisto App.

Also, if the user has the APK file for Android on their PC or mobile device they can easily transfer it to their PC. Then, they have to open the APK file using the Bluestacks app and let it install on the application. This way they do not have to search for and download the application in the Bluestacks app.

Artisto for iOS iPhone iPad

Artisto for iPhone & iPad Download

Just like the Android users use the Google Play Store, even iPhone and iPad users can download their desired artistic apps including the Artisto App from the iTunes App store. The App was launched with the initiative to satisfy the high-class Apple module and reach it’s device users through the iTunes App Store.

We know that the security protocol of the iOS is far more complex and restrictive for third party apps to install in its devices. This makes all the iTunes Apps completely legal and authorized to be distributed to the users. Artisto App is one of the amazing apps in the iTunes that compliment the iOS system and thus the iPhone and iPad devices.

For the Artisto App Download in iPhone and iPad devices, we have to first consider the system requirements. If these requirements are covered then there will be no problem of running the Artisto App on the iPhone and iPad devices. Here are the requirements for iPhone/iPad devices:

  • The app is compatible with iOS 8.0 and higher devices.
  • Preferable to use the latest or updated version of the iTunes App.
  • File size is about 55.4 MB so free disk space should be about 120MB.

After cross checking these requirements, we would now move to the download and installation procedure of the Artisto App in the iPhone or iPad devices. Follow these steps as given:

  • On your iPhone or iPad device, open the iTunes App Store.
  • You must have an Apple ID to use the services from the App Store. If you have one, enter the credentials and proceed. If you do not have one, then you need to create one first then proceed with the steps.
  • When iTunes App Store loads, type “Artisto App” in the search bar and hit the search button.
  • Several Apps will emerge in the search results and you have to select the appropriate app version.
  • To help our readers, we have the exact link for Artisto App Download on the iTunes App Store. Click on the link below to reach the download page:

Download Artisto App for iPhone & iPad

  • Tap on the “Install” button and purchase the app for free from the App Store.
  • Allow the download and installation to complete successfully.
  • Select “Finish” option at the end of the process.

This is it! These few simple steps will help you through the Artisto App Download for your iPhone and iPad devices. We know how well are the iPhone camera resolutions and so editing with the Artisto App will transform the images and videos to a greater level of amazement for its user.

What is Artisto

How to use Artisto Filters on Videos

After downloading the Artisto App, we will now move to the process of using the app to edit the images and videos. The App design and layout is not at all complicated for any user not to understand because of its simple user interface. Although, we will discuss the steps of its usage in this section of the article.

Here are the basic and standard steps that will get you going with the app’s editing processes:

  • Firstly, download and install the app from the App stores according to your device specifications.
  • Click on the app icon and launch the Artisto App on your device.
  • The main screen will direct itself to the camera navigation and the camera will become automatically operational. You will see the option to choose between image and video. Remember, the video time allowance is only 10 seconds for the Artisto App.
  • Shoot your 10 seconds video or snap the picture you desire.
  • The preview is visible and from there press ‘next’ if the image or video is proper.
  • The App will direct you to the filters panel. The preview for images is directly available like for any other image editing apps but for video, there is no direct preview. The user will have to apply the filter first and then watch the video.
  • There are about 23 filters to choose from and each of great quality edits for all users to choose from. Select and preview your preference and apply it o the image or video.
  • Select “Save” option to save the edited image or video. The system will ask you if you want to directly share the image to your social network handle like facebook, or Twitter, or Instagram.
  • You can save the images and videos in the gallery of your device and you can use apps like MX Player or VLC player to view the edited videos.

By reading these steps on how to use the Artisto App, our readers must have understood that it’s too easy. The interface is simple and hence the user can easily adapt to the process and carry it on. Follow these steps to become a pro editor in no time.

Artisto vs Prisma

Artisto and Prisma Comparison

The two names are enough to state their opacity and state in front of the worldwide leading image editing apps. Artisto and Prisma App are the two trending apps of this year that compete for excellence in trademarking the editor app od the year.

First, came the Prisma App that boasts of its features and unique filtering effect that surprised the other light photo editing apps. The App converts original pictures and images into great artistic painting type images using alteration in algorithms and several surprise filters.

Just that people were creating a buzz of the new Prisma App, down came the Artisto App download with its unique video editing feature that left Prisma and other editor apps in shock. The Artisto App is able to do what Prisma is doing but with videos as well. Prisma App is still lagging back onto that but Artisto has delivered it to the users earlier.

To fairly compare both the apps lets look at some advantages and disadvantages of the Artisto App over the Prisma App:

  • Artisto Pros over Prisma:
    • The Artisto App was built in just about 8 days.
    • The App can edit videos of 10 seconds duration by applying filters that turn it into a Picasso or van Gogh masterpiece.
    • The app can additionally edit images, just like the Prisma App using various filters it offers.
    • Allows users to share the videos directly on their social networks to flaunt the artistic creativity.
  • Prisma advantages over Artisto:
    • Prisma was first to release the unique style of editing images into painting-like snaps using neural networks for its users.
    • The Prisma App has more number of filters than the Artisto App hence more creative options.
    • Processing time for the images faster than the Artisto App.
    • Artisto App is subjected to crash most of the times, unlike Prisma App which works fine with the OS.

In our verdict, we would compare the apps by saying this that the Artisto App download has few but good filters and the results are also fantastic but it requires more preparation to work up an app that loads and edits videos. Artisto fans are disappointed as the app crashes as many times as it works. On the other hand, Prisma is the original app or such editing features and hence its fans await the release of the video editing feature in the Prisma App.

Artisto Alternatives

Best Alternatives of Artisto App

As we mentioned above, Artisto App exists but with visible flaws. No user would want to try an app that is not ready. The developers of the app have hurried the proceedings and forcefully launched the app earlier than its testing and amendments time. Unfortunately, for some devices with average RAM and OS, the Artisto App download cannot keep up to the expectations.

In such conditions, Artisto App users and other people can definitely opt for an alternative app that does most of what the app. In this section of the article, we will brief our readers with the information on the Artisto App Alternatives.

Here is a list with short description on the different Alternatives to the Artisto App Download for our readers to consider:

  • Prisma: As we have been mentioning it several times in our article here, Prisma App is the most voted and considered app around the world for an alternative. The app was launched in July 2016 and within few months people have edited about 400 million photos from more than 11 million users across the globe. As it is the parent or original app for creating neural network arts there is no refraining from the fact that it serves as the best alternative to the Artisto App download.
  • Photo Editor Art: This App is also one among the alternatives of the Artisto App. The App is like Prisma and allows users to upload and edit the images with filters of their choice. Cartoon filters like oil paint, poster paints, solarize, etc can be used to enhance the image quality to look same as that of a Prisma image. The App is free and available in the app stores.
  • Pikazo: The name is trying to indicate the famous painter and artist whose name is Picasso. The app is compatible with both Android and iOS platform and is also addictive for its users. It features many editing filters that can create painting-like photos in a matter of few seconds. Pikazo costs about 0.99$ but it is worth the take. The app allows users to cue up to three images for a filter edit. This way when one image processes, the user can work on another image at the same time.
  • Painnt: The app is currently available for the iOS users only but soon the Android version will be out too. This app is unique as it does not upload the file to the networks for rendering the change. Instead, the app downloads its necessary tools and features and can process without internet connectivity. This is what makes the Painnt App such a wonderful alternative to the Artisto App.
  • Deep Art Effects: This app is available for the Android users for editing images for free. The processing time of the app is surprisingly fast and can handle high-quality images very swiftly. Allows users to share their creativity in many different ways. The filter effects can be adjusted using ratios and proportions to get the best result. Every filter preview is available on the screen as a sample icon.
  • PicsArt: This app has it all. The upgrades to its previous version have released an enormous amount of filters and effects for the user to get so many different creative images. PicsArt is a very famous and reputed app for editing still images in the market. With correct changes and editing in the images, users can develop images like the ones created in the Artisto App and Prisma App.

So, these were some of the alternatives to the Artisto App download for our readers. Consider any option from these or you can look up for more in the internet. There are several alternatives to the Artisto App for users of different OS platforms across the world.

Artisto APK Download for Android

Features of Artisto App

The Artisto App uses art and movie effect filters to edit the images and videos. The App gives quite similar results to the Prisma App results, only that the Prisma App is for image editing whereas the Artisto App is used for Video editing. There is a detailed comparison between the two apps in the later sections of the article.

Here, we will first glance at some of the amazing features that the Artisto App download offers to its users:

  • The App edits images and videos both for free.
  • The Artisto APK download is free and completely safe for people to use.
  • The App allows its users to edit 10 seconds long video clips. The time limit is fixed so that heavy editing does not damage the device system.
  • The user can connect his or her camera with the app and shoot the 10 seconds video and then directly it will upload into the system and edit according to your preference.
  • There are limited but awesome filters on the app platform which allows amazing edits for your photos or videos.
  • The Artisto App is similar to the Prisma App but better as it can edit videos with different filters too. This feature is not available in the Prisma App as of yet.
  • The system is upgrading to avoid time consumption for editing videos. this is why they started with 10 seconds videos as longer duration videos would take much more time to edit.
  • The editing filters and styles have been matched up with respect to design styles of Van Gough and Picasso. They are famous painters and design artists from Europe whose creativity is remarkable.
  • The filters will overlay on the video and there is no different preview option to see the filters effect. There is a name and small image given to show the effect of the filter.
  • The images and videos edited using the Artisto App have a watermark of Artisto on it.
  • The users can also share their images and videos that they edit using the Aristo App. The App links directly with famous social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram so that the users can easily share their creativity through the app.

So, these were some of the basic features of the Artisto App download. We are confident that our readers must be excited to know the download procedures for the app. So, we will not keep them waiting and we’ll quickly guide our readers through the download procedure for the Artisto App.

We would like to thank our readers for completing this article on Artisto App Download. I hope you learned to Download APK for android, iPhone & PC Windows. We hope that all the information provided was useful to our readers. With time, we will keep updating the information in the article for our readers. If you have any questions or wish to send your feedback then write to us at Artisto App.